Before you view the video beneath, take be aware that the baby isn't saying what you believe she's saying: that's "mole freckle". Is there something better than a toddler mispronouncing some thing so it seems like she's a lil' trucker? Most likely, but we haven't found it yet. Study on for the funny video clip, my mild Examiner visitors.Now, if you… Read More

Kids adore to imitate their parents. Since I am so drawn to gadgetry and technology, my kids are too. My daughter has gone so far to make "pretend" laptops out of pizza containers and shoe containers. It only makes sense that my kids are also in love with my Apple iphone and iPod contact. Fortunately, there is a lot of good content and many fantast… Read More

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The word is derived from the Samoan or Polynesian phrase "tatau". The first created reference to tattoos is found in the book written by the naturalist Joseph Banking institutions, who accompanied Captain James Cook on his explorations in the 1700s. But physique artwork styles have been around since the dawn of mankind.The most apparent reasoning f… Read More